New fan art added! This piece shows an Alien about to get devastated by a pack of Predators. The details on this fanart are really one of a kind.

Be sure to check out a newly added script. This fan script is about Sonic characters facing off against Aliens and Predators.

That's a clean burning hunt I tell ya'hwat!
- Propane Predator
New fan art added! Take a look at this neat artistic rendition of Aliens fighting Predators!
AvP Classic Skins
  1. Universal Skin Pack
    Archivist: Olde

    Host:  AvP Unknown

    A compilation of skins that have been salvaged over the years for AvP Classic/Gold.

    Readme is included inside this package so as to help you understand how to install them on your game.

    Words from Olde:

    "LAST UPDATE: August 20, 2016. This is a collection of 518 custom skins for AVP Classic 2000 and Gold Edition. All have been converted to the same file type for fast and easy installation. Each skin comes with screenshots to show you exactly what they look like. Some are bundled with sound mods. Some mods have been edited, while others are completely new. The game's original texture and sound files are included. There is a detailed readme that explains installation and uninstallation. There is also a list of the mods and descriptions for each skin. Read the file entitled AVP Custom Skins Pack README.txt for full details and instructions on how to install the skins."



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