We have got yet another AvP2 map and video and this one looks like a long one. This old map that went by the name Metro Station is one of the very best! Make sure to check it out on the AvP2 custom map gallery.

That's a clean burning hunt I tell ya'hwat!
- Propane Predator


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AvP2 Texture Overhauls


  1. AvP 2007; Complete Texture Overhaul
     Dex909 - Artist
     TheUnbeholden- Archiver
    Created by Dex909, whom can be contacted via filefront or through the email listed in the readme. This mod is a graphical enhancement to the game in the way it should actually look like (my opinion of course). More movielike, less comic. Basically I wanted to change the overall looks and feel of the game to be more realistic, dark and detailed. This is a step away from the colourful comic-look and changes various things. All flags for every modified dtx texture have been checked, compared with each original dxt and set by hand in Dedit as there is no other way to retain the original settings for fullbright, sounds on impact or each detailtexture right. No bugs with textures so far.​​ -TheUnbeholden
    High Resolution Textures
     Yaji - Artist
     TheUnbeholden- Archiver
    High Quality Pack 2.0 - High Resolution Textures" is the bigest mod I ever made. As you can see on the screenshots, mod adds about 500 high resolution textures to the multiplayer part of the game. Well, singleplayer is affected too but not as much as MP. I was making this mod more than a year, and its almost 10 times bigger than previous version. Its not perfect however. Textures I made at the begining are not so nice as the latest ones, and stuff like that. But it still looks better than original ones, I hope :)​​ -Yaji