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  1. How To Make Skins and Install Sounds


    This guide will show you how to add your own textures and sounds to AVP Classic 2000. I will only provide you with the most basic of basics that you'll need to know to be able to change the game's textures and sounds and to make your own mods. I've made my own skin and sound mods so I know the rudimentary aspects of making custom skins and sounds. You can edit nearly anything aesthetically in this game. I won't go into the more difficult aspects, such as lighting and swapping models entirely. You'll need to be fluent in Inteng for that. Rather, this guide will focus on the bare basics of changing NPC, HUD, or environmental textures and vocal and environmental sounds.

    You will need a few necessary programs that you can download for free. For textures, you will specifically need AVP Gold Edition, which may be hard to come by these days.

    How to Skin
    This section will show you how to make your own skins for both NPC and HUD models.

    You will need Aliens versus Predator Gold Edition,  Fastfile Explorer, and  Gold Tools to do this. Note that you do not need Gold Edition to work on your computer, you just need to have it installed so you have all the correct files in the Fox folder.

    Download and install Fastfile Explorer. Figure out what skin or texture you want to edit. Go to your Aliens versus Predator Classic\fastfile folder and you will see many fastfiles (.ffl). These contain most of the game's texture and sound files and require Fastfile Explorer to be opened. Find the fastfile you wish to edit. The HUD texture fastfiles are Tex34.ffl (alien), Tex35.ffl (marine), and Tex36.ffl (predator). The NPC texture fastfiles are Tex49.ffl-Tex57.ffl. The other files are environmental textures or, in one case, weapon textures.

    Finding and Extracting the Texture You Want to Edit
    Open up the fastfile you wish to edit in Fastfile Explorer. Take a look at the image that the program displays. Because of how the game applies textures, you may have to do a bit of experimenting to see what each part of the texture file edits.

    Each image file is a .RIM file. Either export the file as a .bmp (bitmap) or copy it and paste it into a visual editing program such as Photoshop or GIMP. Now you are free to edit the texture as you please. Make sure you don't change the dimensions of the image and always save it as a .bmp file.

    Converting Your Texture to .RIM

    When you're done editing the texture, you need to convert it back to a .RIM file. This is why you need AVP Gold Edition and Gold Tools. Install Gold Edition before Gold Tools. One of the programs in Gold Tools is called texconv.exe (in the Tools folder). Run this program. Create a folder somewhere called BMPs. This is where you will be placing your .bmp files. Place your edited texure in the BMPs folder. In texconv.exe, go to Find, then New Files. Change the directory to BMPs. Select the new texture and hit OK. Route the export directory to AVP Classic's graphics folder. Now go to your Aliens versus Predator Classic\graphics folder. The .bmp file, now converted to a .RIM file, should be in there. 

    *NOTE* If following the above directions doesn't work for you, read the "Bible" in Gold Tools.

    Adding Your Texture to the Game
    Go back to your AVP Classic\fastfile folder. Find the fastfile you want to edit, copy it, and rename it to something like Tex34ORIGINAL.ffl. This will be your backup copy. Open up the other version in Fastfile Explorer. Go to Edit, Import, then import the new .RIM file you just created. Make sure that it has the same dimensions and name as the .RIM you are replacing. Because the fastfile will automatically save when you close Fastfile Explorer, it's always a good idea to keep a backup copy of the original of the fastfile you're replacing.

    Make sure that your new, edited fastfile has the same name as it did before. For example, the name should look like Tex34.ffl, not Tex34Edited.ffl. Now when you play, AVP Classic will load from this different version and apply the new textures to your game.

    How to Add Sounds
    This section will show you how to make your own sound mod.

    You will need  Fastfile Explorer and some kind of audio editing program (I prefer  Audacity since it's free) to do this.

    Getting Started

    Install Fastfile Explorer and make sure you have an audio editing program. For the purpose of this guide, I'll explain it with Audacity since A) that's what I use, and B) it's free. After you've installed Fastfile Explorer, it's time to figure out what sound effects you want. You will need to either find some websites that have sound clips for free download or record your own. You can also use Audacity to record sounds from your PC; that's a little shortcut if you can't find an actual audio clip by itself.

    Download the sound clips you want. It doesn't really matter what file format you download them in.

    Editing Your Sound Clips in Audacity

    Open up Audacity. File -> Open -> Select the sound file you wish to edit. With the default settings, you'll be able to see the wavelengths of the sound file you opened. Since you'll probably have extraneous parts before or after the part you want to have, highlight the part of the clip you wish to cut out (either click and drag or Shift+Click) and press Backspace. When you're done trimming the file, highlight all the sound. Go up to Effect, then click Amplify. If it gives you a positive number, click OK. If it gives you a negative number, click Cancel. This is to make sure the audio is at a reasonable volume in-game. Once you've amplified (or kept the same) the audio, follow these steps carefully.

    1. At the bottom left-hand side of Audacity, you should see a figure that says "Project Rate (Hz)." Set this to 9000.
    2. Go to File -> Export. 
    3. Select the folder you wish to save the file to.
    4. Underneath the file name, click the drop-down menu next to "Save as Type."
    5. Select "Other uncompressed files."
    6. Underneath Save and Cancel, select "Options."
    7. For Header, select WAV (Microsoft), and for Encoding, select Unsigned 8 bit PCM.
    8. Click Save.

    Adding Your Sound Clip to the Game
    Okay, so now you have your sound file in the right file format and cropped to the size you want. Now we have to put it in the actual game. This is where you'll need FastFile Explorer. Follow these steps to add your sound file to the game.

    Find the fastfile you need to place the sound file in by exploring them. For our example, we're changing the marine taunts, and the fastfile for marine taunts is snd45.ffl. Open up snd45.ffl in Fastfile Explorer. In the upper left-hand side of the screen, open the Npc folder and the MarineVoice subfolder. On the bottom left-hand side of the screen you will see a list of .wav files. These are the sound files for the marine's voice. The first six .wav files are the marine's taunts. 

    Go to Edit -> Import. Find the sound file you just edited. Rename the file to the name of the taunt you wish to replace. Import the sound file and overwrite the original file in Fastfile Explorer. Play it back in the Explorer to make sure it plays.

    Now when you play as the marine, the taunt(s) should be replaced. You can follow the same instructions for any sound effect in the game, as long as you know in which fastfile the sound file is located.

  2. Fixing an AvP Classic/Gold Graphical Issue

    The Problem
    If you've tried to play Aliens versus Predator Gold Edition in the last ten years or more, you've probably run into a very frustrating problem. The game will load and the menu will be fine, but the levels and the gameplay will have extremely messed up graphical issues. As I understand it, the problem is that newer versions of DirectX can't figure out what to make of the engine's graphics. You will end up getting huge clouds of black or, worse, the screen copying itself over and over as you look around.

    Up until now, there were a couple of ways to reduce the problem. The first way is to simply stay in the marine's image intensifier mode or, as a predator, stay permanently cloaked and/or stay in green vision mode. For some reason, those vision mode changes would not cause the graphical issue. Unfortunately, there is no way to play as the alien without graphical issues if you used this method. The other way was to download sirlemonhead's AvPx mod. This is a standalone .exe which resolves the issue for single-player and skirmish mode. Sadly, there is no multiplayer mode, and this mod also does not solve the graphical issues for the Cancer Black mod or for the MelPyth mod.

    Fortunately, UberFoX discovered a fix that allows you to play the original Aliens versus Predator Gold Edition (NOT Classic 2000 or AvPx) without graphical errors. This fix allows you to do everything you could do with normal Gold Edition, that is, namely, run multiplayer as well as the Cancer Black and MelPyth mods without graphical interference.

    The Solution
    1. You will obviously need Aliens versus Predator Gold Edition on disc. If you don't have it, get it. Install the game (I assume you're not brain-dead and can figure out how to install a 16-year old game). Near the end of the installation process, it will ask you if you want to install DirectX 6. Do NOT install it. At the end of installation, it will ask you if you want to read the readme and run the game; don't do either.

    2. The setup.exe will automatically install the game to C:\Program Files(86)\Fox\Aliens versus Predator. Open up this file location and keep it open.

    3. Now, go to this link and download dgVoodoo v2.45:
    dgvoodoo is a program that simulates Voodoo graphics cards. It is freeware.

    4. Once you've downloaded dgVoodoo v.2.45, open it up in winrar. Return to your Fox\Aliens versus Predator folder and create a folder called dgvoodoo. Copy the contents of and paste them into your newly created dgvoodoo folder. Once pasted, find the folder called MS. Inside should be two .dll files, one called D3DImm.dll and the other called DDraw.dll. Copy both of these files and paste them into the regular Aliens versus Predator folder.

    5. Now go back to your dgvoodoo folder. Launch dgVoodooSetup.exe. At the top of the menu, you will see a directory. Add this directory to it: YourDrive:\Program Files(x86)\Fox\Aliens versus Predator. Then click Add. Look at these three screenshots and adjust your program so that it matches these.

    Step 1

                                                                                                  Step 2

                                                                                                                                                                                      Step 3
    7. Once you've set the parameters to match these screenshots, you can now run avp.exe. You should not get any graphical problems.

    Note that this game still has an audio bug: if you interrupt the startup movie with the Fox Interactive and Rebellion logos, as well as any other of the game's intro/outro videos, the audio will loop endlessly. To prevent this from happening, you can do one of three things: 
    Spam the Enter button at the opening logos so you skip them before they launch. Then at the menu, go Audio/Video Options and set Intro Videos to Off (this is my personally preferred method).
    Never interrupt the opening logos or intro/outro videos.
    You can download UberFoX's AVP Launcher, which skips all videos (including the opening logos). The launcher can be found here:
    If your game crashes when loading a level: Try different Videocard options in the DirectX tab of dgVoodoo. Also try "Disable and passthru to real DirectX" located above the Videocard options. In the Glide tab, try the different 3dfx card options.

    If you don't get different multiplayer options: You may be running avp.exe in compatibility mode. Make sure that you are NOT running in compatibility mode.
  3. How To Install Maps

    Installing Single Player Maps

    There are a few custom campaign missions that you can add to your game. These are:

    Derelict Mod
    New Episode 1 - Waterfall 2
    Research Base
    The Cancer Black single-player maps found in the UMP.

    To play these, you must convert them to single-player mode. Here is how to do that.

    1. Add the map file (in its default name) to your avp_rifs folder.
    2. Figure out what species you want to play as (or what species the map was intended for).
    3. Locate that species' first SP map. For Alien, it is Temple.rif. For Marine, it is Derelict.rif. For Predator, it is fall.rif.
    4. Rename the species' first map to TempleORIGINAL.rif, DerelictORIGINAL.rif, or fallORIGINAL.rif.
    5. Rename the custom single-player map to either Temple.rif (if you want to play as alien), Derelict.rif (if you want to play as marine), or fall.rif (if you want to play as predator).
    6. In-game, select the first mission of that species and the game will load the custom map.

    To revert back, just retitle or remove the custom map from your avp_rifs folder and retitle the original map back to its original name.

    How to Add Custom (Multiplayer) Maps to Your Game

    Download the map pack here:

    Extract the folders to your Aliens versus Predator Classic 2000 folder:
    Your Drive:/Program Files (x86)/Steam/SteamApps/common/Aliens vs. Predator Classic

    Combine folders when it asks; it should only ask you to overwrite one file, which is a sound file for the Ferarco level. You can choose to overwrite it or not.


    Download the map pack here:

    If you own the game on GOG, the directory will look like this:
    Your Drive:/GOG Games/AvP Classic

    Combine folders when it asks; it should only ask you to overwrite one file, which is a sound file for the Ferarco level. You can choose to overwrite it or not.


    How to Add Custom (Multiplayer) Maps to Your Game

    Download the map pack here.

    Extract the folders to your Aliens versus Predator Classic 2000 folder:
    Your Drive:/Program Files (x86)/Steam/SteamApps/common/Aliens vs. Predator Classic

    Combine folders when it asks; it should only ask you to overwrite one file, which is a sound file for the Ferarco level. You can choose to overwrite it or not.


    Download the map pack here:

    If you own the game on GOG, the directory will look like this:
    Your Drive:/GOG Games/AvP Classic

    Combine folders when it asks; it should only ask you to overwrite one file, which is a sound file for the Ferarco level. You can choose to overwrite it or not.


    Q: ______ map isn't working for me. How can I fix it?
    A: Check and make sure you did the following: 

    Did you download from one of the links I provided? 
    Did you extract the files to the correct location? 
    Do you have a custom folder in the avp_rifs folder? Did you add the .rif file to the custom folder?
    If it was an automatic installation, did you change the directory from Fox to either Steam/SteamApps/common/Aliens vs. Predator Classic or GOG Games/AvP Classic?
    Did you add any other files to other folders? If so, did you add them all and did you add them to the correct folders?
    (Only to GOG users): Are you opening the game through the .exe called AvP_Classic.exe instead of the AVP launcher (see "A Note for GOG Users" in the Introduction)? 
    Did you read the read_me?
    If the answers to all of those questions are yes and the file still isn't working, I most likely won't have an immediate answer for you. All of the maps I have do in fact load, but that doesn't mean that some of them may not have missing textures. Other levels may be incomplete. If you have a specific question regarding any of the maps, you can contact me or post below.

    Q: Will getting any of these ruin/affect my game or any maps that I already have?
    A: No. As long as you only add files, not remove any, your base game will be unaffected. 

    Q: Any tips for installation?
    A: ALWAYS back up your game files first in case something happens, especially before running .exe's.

    Q: I need to do a fresh installation of this game. How do I do that?
    A: You shouldn't need to, but if for some reason you do, go to the menu option Library, right-click AVP Classic 2000, and choose Delete Local Content. After the content is deleted, you will be able to reinstall the game. All custom files will remain unless you manually delete them.

    Q: There are a lot of maps. Which one should I start with?
    A: It depends on what mode you want to play. For deathmatches, I highly recommend you start with the official Fox maps. For coop, I recommend you start with the B maps or the regular campaign levels. For LMS, PTAG, or ATAG, still try out the official Fox maps but I would also recommend Scythewraith's Event Horizon, Derelict_Multiplayer, and Pyramid.

    Q: Some of the campaign maps won't let me get to the end in coop mode. What do I do?
    A: For any questions regarding playing the single-player maps cooperatively, see my guide on that here.

    Q: Some of the maps come with a (c) after the name. What does this mean?
    A: That is the coop version of the map. Many maps are slightly different for coop play and should be only played on coop; the converse is true for the regular maps.

    Q: Some maps don't work for coop. What do I do?
    A: Play the version of the map that has a (c) after the name. If the map you're playing doesn't have an alternative (c) version of the map, then it wasn't intended for coop mode.

    Q: A lot of the maps are incomplete. Why?
    A: I suppose people either lost interest, couldn't figure out how to complete them (either conceptually or technically), or life caught up with them.

    Q: How do I make my own custom map?
    A: Contact me personally about this.

    Q: Are there any other custom maps not mentioned in this guide?
    A: Yes. Where are they? I don't know. I know for a fact that there are other custom maps floating around out there. I also know that some are gone forever. I did my best to include links to as many workable ones as I could.

    Q: Who made the UMP?
    A: Me.

    Q: Know where I can get any mods/skins/custom sounds?
    A: See my guide on that.

    Q: How do I contact you?
    A: If you have any questions, comments, or if you discover problems with the links or other custom maps not mentioned above, please leave a comment below and I will try to respond as quickly as possible. You can also contact me via Steam or YouTube, however, I will only respond to specific questions. The kinds of questions I won't respond to are: "How do I add the custom maps to my game?," "Where are the links?," or "Your guide is tl;dr, give me the short version."