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August 17, 2015
First Launch
Global Aliens vs. Predator started off as a desire to recreate the famous Planet AvP from Gamespy. The project first began to take root over at the AvP Galaxy forums when a thread was started reminiscing the early days of the AvP community. Much like Planet AvP, Global set off to ensure that fan-based content has its opportunity to shine among the Aliens vs. Predator community. Content such as FanArt and Mods may now have a place to be displayed for all fans to gather and marvel. The first launch brought forth a rather clunky website, with very few information and downloads, Global AvP was fairly small. 

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The website needed a lot of work as it was extremely barren and dry in both aesthetics and content. As time went by and the website started to grow, however, Global AvP began to look more fleshed out and possess quite a bit of work by fans from all over the community. 

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With the fans help, we managed to pull through and provide quite a bit of content for a full pledged fan-site. As DarkStar came back from his hiatus, the domain went under .info until it was changed back to .com on its second birthday. We possessed a somewhat active forum which had members come on and discuss topics relating to Alien, Predator, and Aliens vs. Predator. With the help of Olde, xMx, Skorpion and King Kenny, we were able to bring together the project and have it accelerating at a moderately steady pace. Unfortunately, due to the changing times, we had to delete the forum as it was no longer seen as a necessity. We can still be contacted on our Discord and provide you with any assistance regarding the website and the content displayed on it.

Global Aliens vs. Predator is a fan website dedicated to bringing you fan-generated content. Whether it is a video in the gallery or a skin for a particular Aliens vs. Predator game you own; you can count on Global AvP to help bring your attention to it! Global Aliens vs. Predator does not own nor host most of the content displayed on it but rather showcases it for the fans. Be sure to check in with us on periodic occasions to be updated with anything related to Alien, Predator, and Aliens vs. Predator.  
Long time AvP community member, Windebieste, has been a fan of Alien since he was a child.  He now works on his own project;

Windebieste is know for his works on Primal Carnage and a long array of AvP2 maps back in the glory days of Gamespy's Planet AvP. 

Founder of Global AvP and a member of Planet AvP back in the days of its activity. DARKSTAR came up with the vision of bringing back Planet AvP in a reincarnate form.

Since then, he has been working on a compendium of AvP online resources and fan works. Much of the work done on the site is thanks to him.

Propane Predator
Most likely banned for his humor or banned for his attitude; Propane Predator can be a bit difficult to deal with at times but he pulls his weight. He mostly manages anything regarding news and social media.

By operating the flow of content into the Universe and Community pages; Propane Predator also keeps visitors updated on them via the Motion Tracker.